Shah Electronics


Shah Electronics has the daily production capacity of more than 20,000 Units of Ferrite Wound Parts.

Shah Electronics has a full-fledged engineering infrastructure for design and development of Ferrite Wound Products as well as Electronic ballast for UV Lamps / Fluorescent Lamps / Led Lighting Fixtures. Experienced and Highly Skilled Engineering Design Team having ability to handle complex designs with quick turnaround time; ideal for short project timelines.

Shah Electronics has a very well established end to end manufacturing assembly and test pipeline. Ensuring use of precision test and measurement instruments with a skilled workforce and multiple quality check points at every stage.

As part of Manufacturing Assets Shah Electronics has more than 40 Units of LCR Testers, 10 Units of Automatic Transformer Testers calibrated periodically as per ISO – 9001:2015 quality compliance requirements. 8 Units of Impulse Testers. 3 Units of Insulation Breakdown Testers. 4 Units of Single Phase and 3 Phase Power analyzers. 3 Phase Power Quality Analyzer for Metering CTs and PTs. Conducted EMI Test Setup for Electronic Ballast and EMI Filter Coils Testing. More than 150 Units Semi-Automatic Toroidal Winding and Linear Winding Machines efficiently maintained.

At Shah Electronics is a team of skilled and experienced employees striving to provide total quality products and services to our valued customers in a Fast, Friendly, and Professional Manner at Competitive Rates.