Shah Electronics

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Shah Electronics a leading manufacturer of ferrite coils, electronic components, ferrite transformers, ferrite inductors, and many more in India. They are widely used in domestic and industrial application like UV germicidal lamp ballast transformer, overload sensing current transformer, digital sensing transformers, measuring and instrumentation transformer, electric vehicle charging circuit transformer, energy meter, loading sensing, power quality monitoring, protective relays, earth leakage sensing, ELCB Current transformer, RCCB CT, GFI CT, SMPS Power Supply, LED Driver, CFL Lamp Ballast, UV Lamp Electronic Ballast, Telecom power supply, IGBT Gate Drive Transformer, LLC Resonant Inverter, EMI Line Filters, IoT Device Power Supply Units, Power Line Filter Circuits, IoT Device EMI Filters, Noise Suppression Devices, Device Input-Output Filter Circuits, Buck Inductor, Boost Inductor, Coupled Inductor, Choke, Filter Inductor, Resonant Inductor, Common Mode Inductor, Forward Inductor, Medical Devices, Beauty Treatment Devices, Electric Fencing, Electric Insects Nets, Electric Gas Lighters, Gas Geysers, Piezo Driver, Inductive Sensors, Telecom Transformer, Power Line Filter Circuits, EMI Suppression Chokes, Automotive Circuits and many more.